About us

about lislecvb - About usSince she was a young girl, our founder Eve Ellis was heavily influenced by her family who had a hotel and made tours for tourists who came to the area from all across the globe.

As she grew up, Eve became more interested in the family business and got involved in everything her relatives did. She learned all about how to manage the hotel, make the beds, tend to the clients, and recommending every tourist area that they could visit safely.

While she helped in the hotel, she also started working as a tour guide offering trips to tourists all over the city. Thus, Eve was getting to meet new people, engaging in cultural exchanges, and becoming increasingly curious about the world.

Thanks to all the friends she made, she could travel almost anywhere in the world. During one of the visits to the US, she visited Lisle for the first time with a group of friends.

She was amazed by its lovely landscapes, the lake, the climate, and its delicious food, and decided to create a website about it. A site to attract tourists, guide them, and provide them with the best recommendations to make the most out of their visit to Lisle.

Eve ended up creating Lisle Conventions and Visitors Bureau, which is one of the most compelling websites dedicated to tourism in this city.

She eventually approached some of the locals she had befriended and invited them to join her in creating content for this website. We became a team and have been working together ever since to bring you all the information we can offer regarding tourism and fun in Lisle, Illinois.